BF 5 Day “Good Dog” Board and Train

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Does your dog lack manners in and around your home? Do you struggle with trying to teach basic commands? Do you dread walking your dog because they pull on the leash? Then this is the program for you!

This 5 Day course is designed to transform your unruly pup into the well behaved dog you always wished you had! During the program, your dog will learn all the basic foundational obedience so you can enjoy a well behaved dog at home!



This program offers the following commands:

  • Come to Sit and Extended Sit (Dog comes on command, sits & remains in position until released)
  • Place and Extended Place (get on elevated objects within the house such as a pet cot or dog bed on command and stay there until released)
  • Down and Extended Down
  • Loose Leash Heeling/Walking (by your side)
  • Door/Gate Manners (dog does not go over threshold until released)
  • Break (release command)
  • The “OFF” command (for unwanted behaviors)

After completion of the training, the owner receives 2 to 3 hours of one-on-one, hands-on instruction which will detail everything their companion does and how to handle them. This program also includes ONE In-Home training session after completion to help adjust back home.

This program includes FREE refresher sessions for the lifetime of your dog!