As the child of a US Marine, Tiffany has lived in many locations both domestic as well and international. In 2014 Tiffany chose to terminate her US Air Force Active service obligation as a Medical Technician to enter the Active Reserves in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dog trainer with in California. Since 2014 Tiffany has consistently received 5 star reviews from her clients. During January 2017, Tiffany chose to relocate to her home town of West Palm Beach Florida. Her military experience has taught her the true meaning of patience, discipline and a work ethic, all traits required to be successful in the dog training industry. Tiffany’s goal is to continually enhance the bond between an owner and their dog by teaching and creating structure, boundaries, and discipline through obedience as well as positive reinforcement with lots of affection. Tiffany now has over 8 years of professional dog training experience.


Gunner is a Retired US Marine, former Iraq (Desert Shield/Storm) Veteran, Gunner’s passion for working with dogs started throughout his military career of 21 years and carried on thereafter. Gunner has been training dogs of any size, age or breed professionally for the past 8 years.

Gunner specializes in dog behavior and confidence building, teaching the owners to understand why their dogs do the things they do. This helps create a strong bond between the owner and their dog. He specializes in remote-collar training to gain amazing obedience from your dog in both a lesson format as well as the board and train program.


During 2006, Lauren relocated from Westchester, New York to South Florida to attend the University of Miami. From there, Lauren moved to the Palm Beach area where she opened and grew a successful boutique fitness studio on Palm Beach Island. In her free time, Lauren volunteered at the local animal shelter where her passion for working with and advocating for dogs became undeniably strong. In 2017, Lauren sold her business in pursuit of her dream to open a dog rescue focusing on Belgian Malinois. Lauren and her husband have rescued, rehabilitated, trained and re-homed countless dogs that otherwise would have been at the end of the road. Naturally, learning to be the voice for misunderstood and mistreated dogs has led Lauren down a path to becoming a professional dog trainer. Lauren is devoted to helping dog owners better understand and communicate more effectively with their dogs. Nothing more rewarding than watching the bond between owner and dog develop as a result of well-guided obedience training. 


Born and raised in Peru, Lola has rescued and found homes for more than 30 dogs in her motherland. She has also volunteered in different shelters around the world. Lola brought one of those rescue dogs back home to Buffalo, NY where she lived and worked as a travel designer and restaurant consultant. While volunteering in rescue, re-homing, and daycare for many dogs, she gained valuable experience that contributed to her success in the dog training arena. This love and passion for helping dogs grow into more confident well-behaved companions, drove her to become a professional dog trainer in South Florida.

Lola’s passion is to help owners communicate with their dogs and to teach the dog effective obedience. “There’s nothing a dog wants more than to please the owner.”


Lindsay has lived in South Florida since she was a young child. Although an avid animal lover, horses and dogs are her passion. She started in the Doggie Day Care and Veterinary Services industries. That background set her up for success in the dog training arena. While teaching dogs how to behave most of her adult life, she was drawn to become a professional canine trainer and handler. She now enjoys making a huge impact in not only a dogs life but the owners life as well. Seeing not only the dogs grow in confidence, but watching the owners build a better bond with their dogs through a new way of communication is what fuels her passion. Lindsay’s goal for all her clients is to achieve a harmony between dog and human that is nothing short of amazing.


Amandalynn has always had the love, drive and passion for animals. While young, she dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Life happens and other dreams get fulfilled. She found her passion riding and training horses for the past 10 years. She owns her own horse while caring for and training it daily. She realized that dog training was very similar to horse training. While working in the Doggie Day Care industry, it gave her the opportunity to dabble in dog training and that was when she began to realize where her passion truly lied. Amandalynn then transitioned from the Doggie Day Care arena into the professional dog training industry. She worked with a highly respected nation wide professional dog training company for about a year before deciding to come on board with us at A K9 Solution of South Florida. Her experience and drive has contributed to her becoming an integral part of the team. She continually strives to meet all client expectations. The bond she helps create between dog and owner is wonderful to witness.